Monday, February 25

This week's goals---

The goals for this week come from Kelsey. Since she is moving on Sunday, we will try to humor her by going along with these.

1. Exercise 1/2 hour DAILY (except for Sunday, our day of rest.)
2. No adding salt to anything and no eating salty foods (chips, popcorn, pretzels, etc.) Mr. Dash is an acceptable salt substitute.
3. Redo on the 5 fruits and veggies daily.

Good luck and keep plugging away!

Saturday, February 23

Sunday, February 17

Utah Jazz contest- winner $25 Target gift card

I know that your are all Utah Jazz fans, so this contest should be easy for all of you. Currently the Jazz have a record of 34 wins and 19 losses. The Jazz have 29 games left. Guess the final win loss record for the Jazz. The total needs to add to 82 games. The tie breakers will be to guess what place (1-5) they will be in the Northwest division, and what place(not seeding) they will be in the Western Conference(1-15). Good luck. You must post your guesses by Thursday Feb 21st.

Goals for the week of Feb 18 - 24 are:
1. 1/2 body weight in ounces of water

2. 4 hrs exercise during the week

3. no second helpings.

This weeks goals were furnished by Alyson, next week will be Kelsey

Friday, February 15

Another Shauna update. We saw her again tonight. She looks great, and aside from the drainage tubes in her abdomen that are driving her crazy, her pain is manageable. They are keeping her pretty medicated, but still she's amazing. They told her the drainage tubes would come out tomorrow, and she is very anxious for that to happen. If all goes well, she may be able to go home on Sunday, or more realistically, Monday. Just thought you might like to know.

Thursday, February 14

We went to the hospital to check on Shauna this afternoon. I am truly amazed at her resilience! Despite her obvious pain, she was joking around, just like always. They moved her from the ICU to the cardiac care ward. Her back is still having spasms and her front doesn't feel too great either, but she looks remarkably good considering. She is one tough cookie. Just thought you all might want to know. By the way, Happy Valentine's Day!
I just called Alyson to check up on Shauna, and lo and behold, Shauna picked up the phone. I know today is undoubtedly going to be a rough day, but I was amazed she was even able to talk for a second. Due to her numerous back surgeries, her biggest pain right now seems to be finding a position that isn't killing her back. Also, the after surgery nausea is none too fun. I can't imagine coughing and/or vomiting after just having my chest split open. Still, from the surgeons point of view, everything is fabulous. He found a separate hole in her heart that he repaired, and is quite amazed she even lived this long with that. Once this is behind her, she should feel better than she has in years, which means the rest of us will never keep up with her! Most of us couldn't do that when she was deathly ill. Our love and prayers continue to go out to Shauna, Dave and the kids. Hang in there and know you are loved!

Wednesday, February 13

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and fasting. My Mom has gone into surgery. We will definitely keep you posted. For those of you who want details, Alyson will have my Mom's cell phone with her at the hospital. The number is 801-592-9796. Keep your fingers crossed that all will go well. We thank you for all of your love and support.

Sunday, February 10

This song goes out to the first Peck generation~

Tomi, Tracy, Cory
Shauna, Shane, Randy

I hear Tomi and Tracy can really sing this one good. A few little birdies told me so.
Give it up for Simon and Garfunkel!

There has been some confusion regarding the weight loss. The weight loss totals posted were for the entire month of January. If the amount on the weight loss total is incorrect, post on the blog the correct weight and we will correct it.

Thursday, February 7

Goals for Feb 11- Feb 17

It has been 5 weeks since we started the Loser contest and I hope everyone is still committed, only 47 more weeks left. I have decided to make a few changes to the rules. Hopefully it will make everyone understand the goals better each week and also make it easier to report.. We are going to have 3 goals each week. We will not have the goals from the previous week. Each goal will be worth 2 points. I was getting confused myself as to which goals I was working on for the week. Also, it will make some of the harder goals(like sugar) not be as difficult We will probably start to see some previous goals repeated.. The 4 goals for the week of Feb 11- Feb 17 are:

1. 3 hours of exercise during the week

2. 5-7 days during the week no caffeine and no carbonation.

3. With the exception of vegetables and fruits, you can not eat any food that begins with the letter C. Examples(Cookies, Cake, Croissants, Chips, Chocolate, Candy, Carmel, Cheese, Cream, and all other C's that you can think of? Post to the blog spot examples of "C's that you think meet the "C" test and they will be added to the list.

Tuesday, February 5

This is pretty funny! Challenge suggestions from Jim n' Jennie~

- Floss daily
- No TV without being on a treadmill, stairclimber etc. or 1 pushup or sit-up for every minute of TV watched daily
- No drinks with calories
- >6hrs sleep nightly
- Wear seatbelt without exception when in car
- No junk food (anything that comes in a wrapper)
- 30g fiber per day (recommended daily intake)
- No tobacco or recreational drugs
- Hand washing (5x daily or something)
- Drive within 5mph of speed limitOnly eat whole grains

Monday, February 4

Our Biggest Losers (so far) are~
Randy 22
Shane 21
Shauna 10
Kelsey 7
Cory 6
Dr. Jim 6
Matt 6
Natalie 6
Tracy 4
Nicole 3
Ginger 3
Becky 2
Jocelyn 2
Jim 2
Tomi 2
Susan 2
Great Job!-Keep up the good work.

Sunday, February 3

with a guess of-
Giants 21
Patriots 17

Letterman top 10 – good
11. Going to Mexico to get a tan, and enjoy the sun yet many family members sit in the shade to develop their artistic talents painting bowls, fish and birds that will collect dust once they get home. Randy's commentary helps ease the pain.
( new since yesterday)
Christmas holidays laying by the pool, reading novels, getting a tan and drinking a Miami Vice. Better than snow, sub-freezing temperatures and inversions.
9. Eat whenever, sleep whenever, do whatever.
8. Games after the “Broadway show”. Too bad there is not an Olympic event for Nertz. Someone from the Peck family would win a gold medal.
7. Liberation of the turtles (Courageous, Righteous, Crush, etc.) Most of the turtles could have more easily survived the birds and other predators than the mauling by the kids.
6. Miami Vice, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri – 250 calories per drink. Peck Family breaks record for virgin drinks consumed. Connor, Garrett, Tanner and David think sugar is one of the food groups. Big Fat Loser contest came at a good time. How about ½ your weight in ounces of Miami Vice’s
5. Fancy dining with the adults. Only a few bumps and bruises on the kids. Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts barely survived, realize why you are young when you have kids. A break from the buffet. Who’s idea was this anyway?
4. Enjoying everyone’s families! Being a great grandpa, great grandma, grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin has never been more fun.
3. Kayaking to the island, snorkeling, bike ride through the forest, riding the bus to town, 3 shirts for $10 and playing tennis. Matt and Mindy experienced the strict Mexican rules regarding pregnant women. Mexico will allow most drugs to be sold to anyone, let boat captains take American men in fishing boats that barely float, let citizens drink “the water”, but wont let a pregnant women go kayaking.
2. New Year’s Eve party, eating a dozen grapes, listening to Spanish version of Staying Alive, fine Mexican entertainment fireworks, dancing, different buffet, looking back at a great 2007 with hopes for a happy and prosperous 2008
1. Lunch, breakfast, dinner, snack time visiting with family, talking politics, sports and other important topics, while enjoying 1-9 of the letterman list. Thinking how lucky we are to have parents and grandparents who have given us many opportunities over the years to have wonderful experiences as a family.
Letterman top 10 – humorous

Hector and the guy with the Club. The young crowd survives the Mexican fishing boat and only 1 fish. Good excuse to abandon the wife and kids.
9. Crocs on the beach. What were we thinking taking our little ones to view these
animals. They must have eaten too much Mexican food because they did not seem to move.
8. 2 hamburgers, 2 water bottles and french fries are good for a free jet ski ride, plus a little bit more.
7. Caleb discovers that the flashing lights in the New Year’s drink are much more enjoyable than the usual buffet fare. Gets an exciting visit to the ER which is just an added bonus.
6. The R rated “Hollywood show”, Matt Warnick’s dive into the pool, each showing a little too much skin.
5. The dancing talents of the great grandchildren is unveiled each night before the Hollywood production. The Warnick’s need to continue to watch the show “ So You Think You Can Dance”, because someday Carter is going to be the star of the show. Think of all the money you will save on baseball and football camps.
4. The night at the theatre with too much alcohol and not enough laps to sit on.
3. Many, many family members take home a healthy case of Montezuma’s Revenge.
The New Year’s steak gets the best of the best.
2. Standard Mexican Medical protocol….Drug them up until they go home and
pray that they don’t die. No need for tort reform in Mexico.
1. One blonde mother, three blonde kids. Mexico City, no Spanish, and they live to
tell the tale. Also, smuggling fruit into the USA is not a good idea. Another
family with lifelong memories to share.

Friday, February 1

This weeks goals:
1. no bread/fried foods 5 out of 7 days
2. 24 ounces or less of carbonation/caffeine per day.
Last weeks goals:
1. 50 of something each day or 3 hours of exercise (giving you a choice)
2. No food past 7:30 at night, unless fruits or vegetables.
Yep, you guessed it-a deep fried Snickers bar, and wouldn't that be great washed down with a big fat Coke?...............Yes, I know-I'm very cruel! Good luck on the goals. ~Nicole