Sunday, February 3

with a guess of-
Giants 21
Patriots 17


natalie said...

Good job Kelsey! What a fun game to watch and how cool that the underdogs won. I hope that Target card is spent on you and not groceries, diapers or anything necessary. Treat yourself to something fun!

Peck Biggest Loser said...

She picked NY because she lived there. Like picking a team because you like the color of their unifroms.
Loser of the contest is Reiley predicting a 38 - 0 . Reiley next time pick the Texans or the Astros because you lived there, it seems to work.

kelsey said...

Hey I didn't just pick the giants because I lived there (although that did have some say in my decison). I didn't like the patriots! You're just jealous that I won your game and you didn't for once in your life!

Ranae said...

Congratulations to the entire Shane Peck family, plus Tom, who dared to believe in the underdogs. Just goes to show you that sometimes you have to go with your heart! Also, I can rest easier knowing the Manning family are on speaking terms once again.

Reeses Pieces said...

Good job Kelsey and Peck family. Like Ranae I'm a Manning fan, but what girl isn't? Nice, southern, gentleman those boys are.

The Palmer Fam said...

Yes I was bummed to be out the $0 I put on the game - but it was pretty sweet to see Peyton cheering on his bro up in the stands. And that last quarter made the boring first 3 quarters of 7-3 all worth it. Way to go Kelsey! Way to go Giants!