Monday, February 4

Our Biggest Losers (so far) are~
Randy 22
Shane 21
Shauna 10
Kelsey 7
Cory 6
Dr. Jim 6
Matt 6
Natalie 6
Tracy 4
Nicole 3
Ginger 3
Becky 2
Jocelyn 2
Jim 2
Tomi 2
Susan 2
Great Job!-Keep up the good work.


Ranae said...

All those of you who have actually LOST weight, WAY TO GO!! Now, if you could just explain why I seem to have gained weight? I'm hoping it is just a scale malfunction because I have faithfully done all of these stupid requirements (except for 1 week's stretching), and that is going to end right now if it is all for naught.

Peck Biggest Loser said...

Either you are gaining muscle, or cheating when no one is watching. Feeling your buns lately, I know it has to be the muscle.

Reeses Pieces said...

The bun comment was pretty funny Shane! Ranae-I'm sure it's all muscle, or at least just tell yourself that. I do that whenever I put on wait. Blame it on all of my big muscles!!!! Speaking of buns, Cara told me the other day that my buns wiggle. THANKS Cara. It's a good thing she's 4 yrs. old, or there might have been some tears and blood over that one:)

Reeses Pieces said...

Okay so I need a spell check big time. WAIT was supposed to be WEIGHT. Wow- Shane and I must have gone to all of the same schools. Yay, Go Woodstock, Bonneville, and CHS! Kidding Shane!

Alyson said...

Although I haven't lost weight, I only gained 1.5 pounds this month. Which I think is pretty good considering...I attribute it to these goals and exercise. Cause I think I would've gained more otherwise.

natalie said...

hi-my name is Natalie and I know I resemble this family and am related. So, I must be on the other Peck family biggest loser weight loss page. Hello, I have lost six pounds too. I think for failing to mention me I should get a $25 gift cert. to Target. Kidding, I didn't get my results to Shane until late and I guess my husband can't type mine in when he's doing his. Shane you have done great! Love you all!!

Tony Raz said...

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