Monday, September 29

Grandma Mare~

You're in our hearts and prayers and we're all hoping for a speedy recovery. We love you to pieces.

Love, Your Family

Saturday, September 20

Is anyone out there......? We seem to only have a few readers left on our blog. Please keep commenting. This blog was designed to keep us all in touch. I know most of us have our own personal blogs, but we miss the comments. Don't flake out on us now.
The spotlight is on Dave Hooper

Last name Taylor

-There are 949,162 people in the U.S. with the last name Taylor

- It is the 10th most popular last name

- there are several famous people with your last name but the first that popped up was the stunning Elizabeth Taylor.

Congrats Matt and Mindy! So far you have the most popular last name.

Wednesday, September 3

I thought it would be fun to share recipes with each other. I'm definitely in need of some new ones around here. I know we all have "healthy" goals in mind right now, but if you have a favorite that's not so healthy leave it anyway. I'll post this once a month and hopefully we can start a good collection of Peck Family recipes. ~Nicole
Spotlight~Uncle Greg