Saturday, September 20

The spotlight is on Dave Hooper


Tracy said...

Well Dave, I love telling people I personally know a general. It sounds pretty cool. But then I have to tell them that you don't fit what I would think of when I think "general." You are too nice. I think of generals as being blustery and full of themselves. You are thoughtful, quiet, and caring. You are always supportive of your family and a great example of commitment and loyalty. I also tell people I know a Delta pilot. Pilots have the reputation of partiers--jet setting everywhere--and again you don't fit the mold. Not that you aren't fun--I love talking to you at parties, but you are a family man--even though you are often out of town or with the guard. When I think of you, I think a person that I could count on in any kind of crisis and you'd be there. For example, when you were ready to drive across Mexico to save your daughter. I know you'd be there for any of us and that's probably why you are a great military leader is that you would also be there for your men. After all my rambling--bottom line is you are just a good man, good friend, father and grandfather. Shauna chose well and we are glad she did.

kelsey said...

When I was in college I had to write a paper on Aerial Warfare. I called Dave to ask him a couple of questions about it. I guess not many people talk to him about Aerial Warfare because he talked for a long time about it. Needless to say he was my only resource and I got an A. I felt bad taking up his time but according to Shauna if someone will listen to him talk about planes/war he is happy to talk. I never knew much about the military until recently. The more I learn about it the more and more I respect Dave. I always respected him but now I understand more the types of sacrafices he had to go through. He is a great man.

Grandma Shauna said...

I am an American Airman
I am a Warrior.
I have answered my nation's call.
I am an American Airman.
My mission is to Fly, Fight, and Win.
I am faithful to a proud heritge,
And a legacy of Valor.

I am an American Airman
Guardian of freedom and Justice,
My nation's Sword and Shield,
Its Sentry and Avenger.
I defend my Country with my Life.

I am an American Airman:
Wingman, Leader, Warrior.
I will never leave an Airman behind,
I will never Falter,
And I will not Fail.

The above is known as "The Airman's Creed".. I think it pretty much describes Dave and how I think of him. I appreciate the love he has for our Country as it equals mine.

For a favorite quote for a recent class reunion Dave's was. "It's all about Family".

I think all of the above sums-up Dave in a nutshell.

Alyson said...

This guy is a great dad and a great man!!! I think everyone is always a little intimidated by him, but not me! He's way easy to be around and to talk to. He's not a big talker, but he's a good listener. He always thinks before he speaks and that's something I could work towards. He never says ANYTHING BAD about ANYONE (except my old boyfriends)!!
He's a great example! He would never ask us kids to do anything or sacrifice anything he wouldn't. He's the opposite of "do what I say, not as I do."
He loves to be with his family and I know he feels bad about being gone so much while all of us were growing up. Military men make huge sacrifices and that's one of them.
Both my parents have instilled great values in all of us. I remember one time at a family party all of us Hooper kids (when we all still lived here) were sitting at the same table and a lot of the other kids were all sitting with other cousins. Anyway, Jim Tidwell commented to my parents something like you know you've done good when all your kids chose to be with eachother when they don't have to be.
Anyway, I love and appreciate my dad.

Peck Biggest Loser said...

I agree with all of you when you say my Dad is a good man and father. Like Tracy said in her post, I knew that my Dad loved the heck out of me when he was willing to drive across a foreign country to pick me up. Luckily he didn't have to, but what you all didn't see was me in the Mexico airport balling my eyes out knowing that he would do it, all I had to do was ask. I always tell Carson that I hope he's a "well rounded" guy like my Dad. My Dad can sing, play the piano, play sports, he's very smart, a hardworker, etc. I love you Dad and agree with your reunion quote when you say "It's all about Family".

Love, Nicole

Alyson said...

Wow!- I obviously haven't been on the blog for a while because I missed all of these posts. I can't think of a better thing to do right now then brag about my dad. What a great man! My dad is a good person with lots of integrity and a very hard worker. Like many have said a very quiet guy but a great listener. I often wonder if any of his children got that quality. We are all talkers:) My Dad is a good example of doing what's right even when it's not popular. He has a very quiet confidence yet he's so insecure in some aspects. He tends to think he could have done things better in life as far as being around more. You know I can see as a parent now that missing out would be hard but he was doing it for the right reasons. My family is a tight group. I love them all more than life. Dad-please know that I love you very much.

Alyson said...

That last comment was from me-Natalie:)

Ranae said...

One of the most memorable occassions I have had in recent history was when Dave was made a General. It was so much more than I had expected. It was fun to hear all the stories of the side of Dave that we don't get to see often. I have always admired Dave's willingness to sacrifice. In this day and age when absolutely everything is self-serving, it is amazing that there are people who put total strangers' freedoms above their own safety and interests. As I now have a son-in-law following in Dave's footsteps, I am learning to appreciate that sacrifice more than ever. You airmen are amazing!

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