Fitness Tips

Hey everyone! It's Jocelyn! I added a new website to the fitness's It's the website we use for Jazz. It's our trainers site. He is amazing! I have never seen results like I have with him! They are 5-45 min workouts depending on the workout. If you go to his site and just put the mouse over the tab that says workout and then click on workout of the day, he posts a new work out every day. And if you don't know what a movement is, usually you can click on the movement and he has videos that will show you the exact way to do it. It's great, because I know most of you, like me, are way too busy to go to the gym for hours! But this works! I promsie! If you have any questions feel free to call me and I will explain anything!

One of his workouts that is one of my favorites is called "hit the deck". I challenge all of you to do this work out this week. No, there is no money prize(I am broke) But it is fun! You can do it in the comfort of your own home! Ha! All you need is a deck of cards!
-Each suit represents a work out, and depending on the # that's how many reps you do.ex: 9clubs=9 sit ups.
(all face cards=11 reps. And if you feel like going crazy, jokers=run 400m)
      Hearts=Burpees(this is where u squat into a ball and then shoot out to a pushup position, roll your belly so you are flat on the ground, back to the push up position, back to the ball position, and then jump up in the air. thats one)
      Diamonds=Air Squats(get your butt as low as you can)
      Clubs=Abs(touch the ground behind your head, and then touch your shoes laces. Use the momentum of your arms. It helps!)
      Spades=Push Ups(You can't go on your knees girls, but you,everybody, can snake these situps. They don't need to be strict)
*Burpees are kind of hard on your body.They are great and will get you sore in places you never thought possible! But, if you have bad knees or a bad back substitute in whatever little workout you want! Really you can substitute any workout in for any of the ones I have above. That is just what neil has us do. Anything is better than nothing so please try it! Post if you try it! I want to know how it goes!