Tuesday, March 30


That’s right folks, we are at it again! This time with new rules and many more prizes!! The dude ranch is right around the corner and I know we are all dying to look good in our swimming suits, and for the family picture. So, we’re having a little contest to motivate us all. There won’t be weekly goals that you have to follow. This is purely a weight loss competition. You decide how and when you want to lose the weight, and Papa has so generously decided to reward us!

Here’s how it works:

This Friday weigh yourself. You will have until Sunday to get on your computer and e-mail me your weight. If you are terribly uncomfortable telling me how much you weigh then tell your spouse so that someone besides you knows. However, if you don’t tell me your weight you will be in charge of figuring out your weight loss percentage every week as well as your total weight loss percentage and sending that to me. I won’t be posting anywhere how much anyone weighs so your secret is safe with me.

Every week on Monday I will be posting on http://www.peckloser.blogspot.com/ everyone’s percentage. That way we can all keep up with how everyone is doing. I will also include the total percentage of weight loss that each individual has lost so far, so that you can see where you stand.

Since men and women lose weight much differently you will be competing with members of the same sex. That way we (women) will all feel like we have a shot at winning this.

PRIZES: Everyone will have a chance to win something. All you have to do is tell me what percentage of weight you would like to lose before the dude ranch (It has to be at least %5). If you are able to achieve that, you will win a small $ prize. The first and second place winners of both the girls and boys will win a mega $ prize. However, there is a twist. You will only receive half of it at the dude ranch. The other half you will get at Christmas IF you have kept it off. There will also be an occasionally weekly contest. So make sure you are keeping up with the blog so you know what it is.

We will be continuing the contest through Christmas. So, if you didn’t win anything at the dude ranch keep it up, you can still win something at Christmas. If you took first place at the dude ranch and you keep it up you can take first place again at Christmas and win big time!

*Pregnancy Disclaimer: We know a few of you are currently pregnant and won’t be able to participate. However, since we will be having another contest until Christmas you can join in later. 6 weeks after your baby is born weigh in and join the fun!

I will be posting different healthy living ideas on the blog on a regular basis. That will include healthy, low-fat, and actually tasty recipes, exercising tips, and much more. If you have anything you would like me to post e-mail it to me and I will post it right away. Papa says, “We want your gimmicks, but we don’t want bulimics.”

Hopefully this contest can get us all a little more physically fit. I know that the real reward isn’t the money, but the healthy lifestyle we can gain. Hopefully all of us that weigh more than we should will participate. Papa says if you don’t, you will be the biggest loser (and not in weight)!

Hope you see you all at the dude ranch looking nice and trim!