Sunday, May 25

Lets Take an Old Fashion Walk

Alright everyone who is dying to start the competition again here it goes. I am going to try something new and see if you all like it. It only has to do with exercising. Next week I'll start something having to do with eating healthy.

This week everyone needs to walk/run/jog at least 5 miles. I know that 5 miles isn't a lot but keep on reading. Every week we are going to add on a mile until we are all walking/running/jogging around 15 miles a week. I figure if we just add it slowly it won't be as hard. If anyone has a better idea let me know. Once we get into the higher amount of miles you can count walking around the store or your house, as long as you have a pedometer to keep track of how far you have actually walked.

Good luck to everyone who is going to participate. We will come up with some sort of competition with a reward soon.

Tuesday, May 20

Anyone left?

So is there anyone out there besides Natalie and me that want to keep on doing this biggest loser thing? Since we stopped with the goals I have gone back to eating crap and not exercising like I should be. What happened to everyones motivation in Mexico? Don't you remember how we were all complaining that we needed to loose weight and how this was going to be the year we did something about it? Well, talk isn't enough. You can talk all you want to about loosing weight but unless you do something about it nothings going to happen. A few of us are still going to do this challenge and I invite anyone else who reads this blog to join in. It not only is a great way to loose weight and stay healthy but it keeps the family in touch. I feel like I know some of my cousins better since the blogging started than ever before.