Wednesday, June 25


Ranae-spotlight of the week
(Halloween 2003)
So I just wanted everyone to know that I'm using pictures that I have. I hope Ranae doesn't hate me after I post these, but I think these are great- plus they help to show her fun personality. Can't wait to see all of your thoughts about Ranae.
(Dude Ranch 2004)
Thanks everyone for posting about Randy. I had a lot of fun reading your favorite memories and I hope he got a chance to read them too. Lets keep the fun going.
Love, Nicole

Wednesday, June 18

Family Spotlight

So Kelsey asked if I (Nicole) would help her out with the blog. I kind of fell behind at helping. I racked my brain trying to come up with something fun and then I realized we should do family spotlights once a week. Instead of me telling about that person I want all of you to tell us your favorite memory, thought, story, etc. about that person. We will just do the first 3 generations. I don't think the great grand kids would have much to say. But if they do-include it. I will draw the names from a hat. The first person I chose is drum roll.....RANDY. I'm sure he'll love the comments.
(Cassie, will you make sure he reads this)

Tuesday, June 3


This week everyone should be walking/running/jogging 6 miles. I have talked to a few people who weren't able to walk the 5 miles last week. That is okay! This new thing we have going here is easy to start whenever you want. If you can't do all the miles one week that's okay. Just try to walk/run/jog as much as you can. Once we hit a certain number of miles each week we will get into some sort of competition that involves a prize. I was just trying to make it easier for everyone by slowly getting into the routine. If anyone is confused or has any questions please let me know. Good job to everyone who did the 5 miles last week. Cassie walked 13 miles and I know she doesn't need to loose any weight, so good work Cassie!