Tuesday, November 30

Week 3 Results

Can I just say I am impressed how many of us stuck it out over the Thanksgiving Holiday!
We only lost 10.5 pounds as a group. Not bad considering....
Nicole lost the most weight at 3lbs! Guess she didn't have seconds on Thanksgiving.
Wait. Neither did I????

There are now:

Calorie Counters Counting!!!!

Thursday, November 25

Wednesday, November 24

Week 2 Results

Another great week of weight loss!!!
We are all getting a little richer and a little slimmer. Such a Win-Win!
In week 2 we lost a total of 23 pounds.
Congratulations to Dave Rees who lost a crazy 8 pounds which is 1/3 of that!!!!!!

There are now:
Participants going into week 3.

Good Luck to everyone. This Thanksgiving weekend is going to be a tough one.

I am thankful that Papa is so generous to reward us for getting healthy!
It just makes it that much easier...

Monday, November 22

Hey if you want some reallllly YUMMY low calorie meals or snacks go to:
This website gives you the calorie breakdown per serving as well!!


Wednesday, November 17

Week 1 Results

Congratulations Calorie Counters!!!
As a group we lost 30 pounds in one week. This is working!!! YAY!!

There are now:

participants going into week 2.

If you lost weight this last week remember you need to go back to the website: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm#
and enter in your lower weight for your lower calories this week.

Good Luck Everyone!!

Friday, November 12

Nicole is the one who told me about this particular Healthy Choice meal. I promise, it's good. And while you're eating it you'll feel all warm and "fall-ish".
Give it a try! 300 calories.

Monday, November 8

Just to make sure we're all on the same page here... This challenge is not taking place of the entire Peck Biggest Loser Kelsey has been working on this year (Thank You Kelsey!). You will still need to report your weight to Kelsey when the time comes to see if you hit your goal that you set earlier on in the year. If you don't remember what your goal was hit THE SCORE tab and scroll down to the end and Kelsey has it posted there.

How cool is it that Papa does this for us! Coolest Grandpa EVER!!!

Participants in the calorie counting challenge are:

Tomi Shauna Natalie Matt Warnick
Mindy Nicole Jocelyn Greg McArthur
Aaron Angela Chelsea Lindsey
Reiley Alyson Tracy Greg Markham
Kelsey Dave R.

"A study of 811 overweight people who participated in four popular diets found that whether diets were low-fat, high-protein, or a combination didn’t matter — weight-loss success depends on cutting out calories."
-Everyday Health


Sunday, November 7

Ready, Set, COUNT!!!

$1,000.00 Prize for this challenge Folks!!!!

Here are the rules of the challenge:

1. Read the email below and it'll give you directions on how to figure out your calorie goal. If I were you, I would use the staggering method to give you more flexibility. If you have questions or need help figuring that out, I would be more than happy to walk you through it. My phone number is 909-374-5713. Or if you don't want to tell me your weight you can call Kelsey since she already knows your weight and I know she would be willing to help as well.

2. Email me back no later than Monday night, November 8th (giving you guys one more day to respond), if you're up for the challenge. I know we all have ways of getting ahold of one another. So if you think there's someone in your immediate family who's interested, make sure they know about this.

3. Starting this Tuesday (just to give time to get the word out to everyone), November 9th, you have to count your calories. Everything you put in your mouth must be counted. The challenge is not to exceed your daily calorie amount listed on the Fat Column of the website I gave you. Just for the sake of the game we're going to check in weekly on Tuesdays. Each person who checked in with me and stayed within their limit wins:
$10 for week one. $20 for week two. $30 for week three. And so on and so forth until the day of the Peck Christmas Party.
But you have to check in with me!!! Text me if that's easier.

*** If you go over your limit, you're disqualified. ***
You can collect any money that you've won in the previous weeks at the party but you'll no longer be able to compete for further weekly prizes or the $1000.00 prize.

4. There will be $1,000.00 cash at the Christmas Party (you don't have to be there to win). If 2 or 3 people were able to stay within their calorie limit without fail, they will split the money between them.
If only one person makes it, they keep the entire $1,000.00. How rad is that? Papa is so cool for doing this!!!!

We can do this! There are so many resources available to help you count your calories.
Fitday.com is a good resource. Mindy told me you can enter a recipe and based on your serving it will give you the amount of calories you ate.
Any questions, please ask! Can't wait to hear from ya'll!


Below is the initial email that I sent which has the link to the website where you find your calorie intake.

Hey Biggest Loser Players,

We all know the holidays are the infamous time to pack extra pounds on. Yikes!!! However, the goal here was to lose weight, not gain it!
The Christmas Party (which is the deadline for our personal weight-loss goals) will be here before we know it. With that in mind, we are getting back into 'The Peck Biggest Loser'! YAY!!!!
So here's to an extra "push" to help us reach the goal that we set for ourselves earlier this year.
When it comes down to it, weight loss is a simple calculation.
Calories In vs. Calories Out

That being said, this new challenge is a calorie counting challenge. It's really a successful way to lose weight and everyone can do this!

Every body requires a different amount of calories so I've attached a link to a website we are going to use that will calculate the amount of calories you need to stick to every day.

Enter your personal information, then hit calculate. The number we are using is the Fat Loss Column.
A good way to keep you from failing is to click on the 7 day calorie cycle (zig-zag) to stagger the daily amount for you. This way if you know that you're having a date night, party, or something where you want to have the option to eat more calories, you can trade a lower calorie day for a higher calorie day. If you're pregnant you would add 500 calories to your maintenance column and if you're nursing you would add 500 calories to your Fat Loss Column. Make sense?

I need you to email me back whether or not you're in along with an idea of a prize that will motivate you to 'endure to the end'.
We all have different things to motivate us so I need your feedback. Maybe it's money, but how much? Maybe it's a gift card to the mall to get that new outfit that you've had your eye on. Or perhaps you're dying to go see someone and a plane ticket would motivate you.
Obviously, a million dollars or a trip to Jamaica isn't gonna happen but Papa is generous and wants to see us lose some weight.

Today is Friday so I'll give you until Sunday to reply.
Once I know how many players we have, Papa and I can figure out the time frame and the rewards for participating!
Be watching for a follow-up email Monday for further details..

I know counting calories isn't super fun and that this is a tough challenge. But if we're going to hit our goals we've gotta get c