Tuesday, February 5

This is pretty funny! Challenge suggestions from Jim n' Jennie~

- Floss daily
- No TV without being on a treadmill, stairclimber etc. or 1 pushup or sit-up for every minute of TV watched daily
- No drinks with calories
- >6hrs sleep nightly
- Wear seatbelt without exception when in car
- No junk food (anything that comes in a wrapper)
- 30g fiber per day (recommended daily intake)
- No tobacco or recreational drugs
- Hand washing (5x daily or something)
- Drive within 5mph of speed limitOnly eat whole grains


Ranae said...

Jim and Jennie--I love the ideas, especially the one for TV viewing. I have ideas, just no ability to make them work, and years ago I thought of 2 things. One is a TV powered by a treadmill/bike/rower, etc, so that it would only work if you were exercising. The other one is a TV timer that parents can set controls on. So, if I set it for 1hour a day for TV/Xbox, it would automatically shut off. I can just imagine the screaming if it shut off right in the middle of some very important game, but it may well be worth it.

jimnjennie said...

I had another idea today. It was for everyone to try some sport/exercise activity that they had never tried before and report on the blog what they did and how it went. Maybe someone will uncover a latent passion for tai chi or salsa dancing.

natalie said...

Speaking of dancing, Matt and I took dance lessons and my favorite part of the night was what restaraunt we were going to after. No really, it was great fun, but I can't say my heart rate was ever super high. I think the only way that works is if you are non-stop. All of the ladies in my ward do water aerobics and they always tell me to go. They haven't lost weight but they have all lost tonz of inches. I haven't gone yet because I don't want to wear a suit in front of the ward and I don't want to be in the middle of a continous gossip session, if you know what I mean.

Tom and Lindsey said...

Hey Nicole,
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Peck Biggest Loser said...

I think I am going to try Yoga. I want to look like Mr. Yoga, remember the guy in Florida. Most of you probably can't remember Mr. Yoga because you were spending all of your time trying to "be catchable" Remember Lindsey the outfit they wanted you to wear.


Jim & Tomi said...

Shane- I remember Mr.Yoga! You need a million more wrinkles and bigger teeth to be like him. He was pretty scary, but flexible!

Jim - I love your list of ideas! I don't see them as humor. They aren't all about weight loss, but they certainly are about living a long, good quality of life. So have a chuckle everyone...then reread them...and go floss your one set per lifetime teeth.

Peck Biggest Loser said...

I read again Jim's list and Jim/Tomi you are right about the list. I think the tobacco and recreational drugs(caffeine)hit me as funny. I think the junk food is going to be a goal pretty soon. How can you measure whole grains? I think you should have said go floss the crowns and the bridges that you have.