Thursday, February 14

I just called Alyson to check up on Shauna, and lo and behold, Shauna picked up the phone. I know today is undoubtedly going to be a rough day, but I was amazed she was even able to talk for a second. Due to her numerous back surgeries, her biggest pain right now seems to be finding a position that isn't killing her back. Also, the after surgery nausea is none too fun. I can't imagine coughing and/or vomiting after just having my chest split open. Still, from the surgeons point of view, everything is fabulous. He found a separate hole in her heart that he repaired, and is quite amazed she even lived this long with that. Once this is behind her, she should feel better than she has in years, which means the rest of us will never keep up with her! Most of us couldn't do that when she was deathly ill. Our love and prayers continue to go out to Shauna, Dave and the kids. Hang in there and know you are loved!

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