Sunday, February 17

Goals for the week of Feb 18 - 24 are:
1. 1/2 body weight in ounces of water

2. 4 hrs exercise during the week

3. no second helpings.

This weeks goals were furnished by Alyson, next week will be Kelsey


Lindsey said...

I think that I might be into short cuts. I've already decided that I'll just take a little extra food when I eat that way I won't need to go back for seconds.

Peck Biggest Loser said...

Does seconds mean within 1 minute or 5 minutes? I like Lindsey's approach, Just make sure that you double up on your fruits and Veggies. Also, be thinking of your goals, because we are going to be taking turns.

Alyson said...

Well, this is really where the honesty policy is going to have to come in. If everyone takes bigger portions than they are big fat cheaters!!!
And Shane, that means within the same meal!!!!!! What's this 1-5 minutes? I'm soo disappointed..

The Palmer Fam said...

Way to be brave and bring back the water! So just to be clear, a serving size is the size of your fist? And so 2 fists are the first serving and taking a 3rd fist would be seconds? j/k Alyson! I got ya.

Peck Biggest Loser said...

I like the water goal, but I have gone to the bathroom today about 15 times. Not only does the water help your system, I burned an extra 50 calories getting up from my desk walking up the stairs and going to the bathroom 15 times. Does that count toward the exercise goal?

natalie said...

Thank you for bringing the water thing back. I actually really like that challenge. It makes it easier for me to not drink pop because I am trying to meet my water goal.