Monday, February 25

This week's goals---

The goals for this week come from Kelsey. Since she is moving on Sunday, we will try to humor her by going along with these.

1. Exercise 1/2 hour DAILY (except for Sunday, our day of rest.)
2. No adding salt to anything and no eating salty foods (chips, popcorn, pretzels, etc.) Mr. Dash is an acceptable salt substitute.
3. Redo on the 5 fruits and veggies daily.

Good luck and keep plugging away!


natalie said...

I like when Kelsey is in charge. Her goals are very doable for the Warnicks.

Alyson said...

Doable? What? I have the hardest time eating the fruits and veggies. It's 9:11 pm and I have one more fruit/veggie to go but I'm not even hungry and it's only Tuesday. Kelsey, I'll have to honor ya in some other way :)

The Palmer Fam said...

I basically bombed last week, but I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought all my fruits and veggies. Whether they get eaten remains to be seen. I do feel better though when I eat them so thanks! But how do you eat veggies without salt? I guess I gotta butter them up now... And I do like the 1/2 hour a day exercising cause all my videos are only a 1/2 hour long. So props to you Kelsey! And props to Alyson for getting me flunked last week! haha

Reeses Pieces said...

Now that I'm home from Utah and don't have Relief Society ladies feeding me all day long, it's time to start up the biggest loser again. I'm definitely in need of a good workout. The only thing I worked out in Utah was my fingers playing NERTS and grasping on the fork as I dug in for more food. I obviously had too much down time!

Grandma Shauna said...

I am now going to be getting the most points on this diet.

My new-found heart diet as told to me on Friday consists of this: Everything low sodium, I have to get on the treadmill three times a day and consume fruits and veggies, and go low on sugar.
"If" I follow this diet the way they want me to -- I will be the biggest loser. Let's see if I can pull this off. First of all I need to not have any more Relief Society Sister Food.
PS. Did you know a can of tomato soup has 2000 grams of sodium. More than I can have in a day. I will be turning into a rabbit.

The Palmer Fam said...

I need my goals for the week... I feel so unprepared! I haven't loaded up on the things I may not be able to have or psyched myself out to exercise all week. Shane - does this mean we have the week off? You're probably busy moving Kelsey this week so I'm cool with it.

natalie said...

I'm with Ginger, do we have this week off? That would be great but really I need the exercise because I can tell when my body is lacking it. Kelsey best of luck this week. If anyone could be a military wife it is you. You are so laid back and easy-going and you are kind to all you meet. The world be ready for you and your family. Best of Luck in Vegas!