Monday, March 3

Goals for the week of March 3rd

I am sick to death of hearing Ranae complain about our weekly goals, and I know you are all sick to death of being told what you can and cannot eat. Therefore, we are having only 2 goals this week, and they will be of your own choosing!

1. One goal should focus on diet
2. The other goal should focus on exercise.

By now, each of us knows what we are struggling with, so still try to push yourselves a little. I would like everyone to post your goals so the rest of us can be inspired by your dedication, and hopefully you will have a little more incentive to reach your goals. Consider this week your spring break.


Ranae said...

Shane--you are finally making sense. Good job, you! My goals this week are 4 hours of exercise, and I am going to continue with the 5 fruits and veggies. Not only is this surprisingly hard for me, I am convinced when I truly eat all 5, I have little room for all the bad stuff.

Alyson said...

Shane, you sound mad in your post. Maybe consider it co-miserating rather than complaining..LOL!
I am going to do the water goal over again. I failed on my own week. I made it 5 out of 7 days. But I am retaining a lot of water being pregnant, so it's probably going to be the healthiest goal for me.
My second goal is to exercise for a total of 5 hours. I find when I exercise I eat healthier so it's a good goal for me as well!

natalie said...

I too am going to drink half my weight in water and exercise four hours this week. Shane I feel horrible that we have all complained too much. You are better than me because I would have given up on all of us long ago. You need to know though, that this has been so good for me and that I love the competition and the chance to keep up with eveyone. I promise to never complain again if you will please give me my goals because if I give myself my own goals I will gain weight. Not the goal here!

The Palmer Fam said...

I've decided to not eat out all week, since I haven't yet... And I'm going to dedicate 20 minutes, 5 days out of 7, to getting rid of my gut. Pretty lame, but when I get a break I take a break!

Reeses Pieces said...

My 2 biggest goals this week are to exercise everyday in some sort of way and to BACK AWAY from the Cadbury Mini Eggs.