Thursday, March 13


So it seems to me that my dad has decided to stop this whole biggest loser contest. Well I have decided to bring it back! I really liked having goals that I had to follow and that I felt like everyone else was following as well. I am only going to have 2 goals a week and am not going to keep track of points. For me the point thing didn't really matter. What mattered was that I was loosing weight and eating healthier. I will post the goals on Sunday and they will start on Monday. I know my dad said a lot of people were complaining (mainly my mom) but I don't live near anyone anymore so complain all you like. Also, you don't have to participate if you don't want to, but for those who do just imagine how great you'll feel at family parties knowing you are looking "HOT!" I am open for any ideas for goals so please e-mail me or post them. Eat all the crap you like for the rest of the week. Sunday we start...



Peck Biggest Loser said...

I am glad that you are doing this. With me trying to go on Vacation for 2 weeks, and with trying to get taxes and other year end stuff done, I didn't have time to keep it going, also, very few people were letting me know how they did the week before. I also think that part of the fun of the blog was the comments and other things from people. If you can think of ideas to get people involved in the blog, I think it will be more successful. You also have more talents than I do with the blog. Thanks for taking over. Shane

natalie said...

Kelsey-Thank you for taking over. Your Dad is a busy guy (not that you aren't) and he has a lot on his plate. You will do just as well. Please know that I am the family member who needs the discipline. I loved the stretching, exercising, veggies, water etc... I thought they were all great ideas and I think it would be next to impossible to come up with different weekly goals for the whole year. Is there some way there could be more of a competition. I feel like I function best when I am competing. I know the goal is to have this as a life style because I want to live healthier, but I love food dangit. And passing it up is not my strong point! Kelsey I hope all is well in Vegas. Family-where in the crap have all of your comments been. I am thoroughly dissapointed in the recent blogging I have seen. Jim and Jenny where are the sarcastic comments? Ginger where is the peppy girl who's comments I rely on for a good laugh? Shane, Ranae where are the flirtatious, bickering comments? Randy and Susan who?l LOL All of you get your acts together and start keeping this girl from Billings entertained!!!

Jim & Tomi said...

Yeah! I'm so glad this isn't a fizzle. I was really missing my after work entertainment reading everyone's comments. I had to have Ginger explain to me why I couldn't get my comments on the blog lately, duh, I'm a bit techno challenged. Still don't seem to get the email thing right about half of the time. I really am glad that you're willing to keep us going Kelsey. Shane you did great all of these weeks. We hope you know that the whining was just to have something to say:) Hopefully we can get back to the healthy eating Monday. (thanks for the weekend off). Tomi

Reeses Pieces said...

I have to admit I've been a biggest loser slacker lately. The Easter candy is killing me. I have exercised every single day this week though. So I was doing 1out of the 2 goals. (pat on the back)

Kelsey if you need help let me know. It's funny how much time you have when you move away from family. I felt like I was a blogging machine there for a while.

I agree with Natalie though. Where is everyone? Hop on and leave a comment. Shane we miss you. Please don't quit with your inspiring comments. You're the BIGGEST WINNER for starting this in the first place!


Peck Biggest Loser said...

I am with you on the whole competition thing. I am thinking that I will have little competitions along the way. The point thing just wasn't working very well. I don't think many people were e-mailing my dad their points. If anyone has any ideas for competitions let me know. I have a few in mind but need to work out the kinks.

Matt & Mindy said...

I'm so glad we are still doing this!! I admit I completely quit after the first couple weeks, but as pregnant as I was, I thought getting through my work day was enough of a goal. Now that I'm not pregnant and have some extra time on my hands (sort of) I'm ready to start again and work on the baby weight. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's comments and I'll try to be better about contributing rather than just reading. (I love looking at everyone's individual family blogs too!) --Mindy

natalie said...

I am so glad that this blog is up and running again. My thoughts on all of this; is whether or not anyone loses weight really isn't the point anymore. I think this blog has really helped keep our family that is spread all over the USA together. It was an inspired idea Shane, so we need to keep it going. Maybe the torch needs to be passed every few months to another person to be in charge of it -- not me though because I am not at all computer savvy. Took me a few weeks to figure out how to post a comment.

Anyway,let's make sure we keep this up!
Love, Shauna

Peck Biggest Loser said...

I like the idea of taking turns being in charge of the blog. Maybe, you could change the person in charge every 2 months. By changing the person in charge it would allow everyone to have a chance to add their own individual touch. I think it would be good to have something each week on the blog where people can post their comments. I, like Shauna enjoy everyones responses. I also like to look at each of your family blogs.


Alyson said...

What up Peck Family? Glad to see everyone is still alive and kickin!
I too started out strong but fizzled out because no matter what I eat or how much I exercise, my butt just keeps on a spreadin!!! Right now 5 hours on the treadmill feels like a waste of time. Plus, I figure I'll have to work out 100 hours a week after the baby, so I'm saving up my TV series til then. (Bad attitude Alyson, I know)
That being said, I'm taking my hair stylist advice and embracing this last month of pregnancy.
ANYWAY...I look at this blog everyday so anyone who has been involved, know that it was worth it to me :)