Sunday, February 3

Letterman top 10 – humorous

Hector and the guy with the Club. The young crowd survives the Mexican fishing boat and only 1 fish. Good excuse to abandon the wife and kids.
9. Crocs on the beach. What were we thinking taking our little ones to view these
animals. They must have eaten too much Mexican food because they did not seem to move.
8. 2 hamburgers, 2 water bottles and french fries are good for a free jet ski ride, plus a little bit more.
7. Caleb discovers that the flashing lights in the New Year’s drink are much more enjoyable than the usual buffet fare. Gets an exciting visit to the ER which is just an added bonus.
6. The R rated “Hollywood show”, Matt Warnick’s dive into the pool, each showing a little too much skin.
5. The dancing talents of the great grandchildren is unveiled each night before the Hollywood production. The Warnick’s need to continue to watch the show “ So You Think You Can Dance”, because someday Carter is going to be the star of the show. Think of all the money you will save on baseball and football camps.
4. The night at the theatre with too much alcohol and not enough laps to sit on.
3. Many, many family members take home a healthy case of Montezuma’s Revenge.
The New Year’s steak gets the best of the best.
2. Standard Mexican Medical protocol….Drug them up until they go home and
pray that they don’t die. No need for tort reform in Mexico.
1. One blonde mother, three blonde kids. Mexico City, no Spanish, and they live to
tell the tale. Also, smuggling fruit into the USA is not a good idea. Another
family with lifelong memories to share.

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