Sunday, February 10

This song goes out to the first Peck generation~

Tomi, Tracy, Cory
Shauna, Shane, Randy

I hear Tomi and Tracy can really sing this one good. A few little birdies told me so.
Give it up for Simon and Garfunkel!


Jim & Tomi said...

I LOVE this song! Thank you Nicole. It is one of my all time favorites. Unfortunately, I can't sing it. I think the birdie may have remembered the wrong song. It could be "Country Roads" (John Denver). Tracy and I could really drive everyone packed in the cab over camper crazy with that one!

Reeses Pieces said...

Oh I guess the little birdies must have told me wrong. I'll have Country Roads playing soon. I think this story is funny though. I can just picture all 6 of you packed into the camper driving eachother crazy!

Grandma Shauna said...

The camper and the song bring back some pretty funny memories. All I can say is -- THE POOR BOYS DOWN BELOW :)