Sunday, April 27


So Natalie is officially the biggest loser! She has been working the hardest at these goals and it has paid off. Not only has she lost weight but she will now be able to go and see her sister in Memphis for free!! Jocelyn and Alyson both got out this round leaving Natalie left to claim her prize. Good work Natalie. We could all use a little bit of your motivation. This week we will have off from the goals but will start again with a new competition next week.


Reeses Pieces said...

YIPPEE! I need some family to come visit me. I can't wait. Thaks Shane!

Grandma Shauna said...

Way to go Natalie, Jocelyn, Alyson Kelsey and all of you who hung in there!!! If I know Natalie she's packing her bags.

Now, I'm ready for the next round. I know I'll never win anything but it's fun to check the blog, and at least try. So, BRING IT ON AND LET'S RESSURECT THIS BIGGEST LOSER CONTEST AND BLOG. I think this blogging is the BEST! I Just love reading about everyone's life -- especially since mine is so stale -- If I were to post a picture of what Dave and I do, it would be the two of us eating dinner at Rumbis or watching Fox News. Doesn't get much better than that :~)

Love Ya All!

natalie said...

I should have atleast been able to approve or in this case disapprove of the picture. BARF!!! O.K. family if I am winning a competition where food is involved then we all need to step up our game. I am so happy though. I can't wait to go to Memphis and take my kids. I obviously have a competitive streak because I probably would've failed if it weren't for the reward. Thanks Matt for keeping me going ( said I never finish any exercise goals, I had to prove him wrong-mostly because he's right). I loved this and I look forward to the next challenge!!!

Lindsey said...

Way to go Natalie!I don't have to feel guilty for not participating anymore! Yipee!
I was planning on starting to compete again in July. And if the sugar goal ever came back I was fully planning on participating, here's the reason why.
My Confession:
I've recently had cravings for donuts and oreos, I'm not sure if I crave them or if they just sound really good. Over the weekend I ate over a half dozen donuts BY MYSELF, and an entire package of DOUBLE stuf oreos...BY MYSELF!
I'm with Shauna, let's start round two, I'll never be motivated to discipline myself. I'm so proud of everyone who stuck with it this long, you're my inspiration.

Ranae said...

Congratulations, Natalie!! I am especially proud of you for making it the weeks of no caffeine and/or carbonation! That is the best thing to come out of this competition so far for Shane. Since Mexico, he has had no Diet Coke. Hurray!! Have fun in Memphis.

Ginger said...

Way to be Natalie! I sure am impressed and am feeling fat and ready for the next round - maybe. Congrats to all you motivated girls for hanging in there for so long!

Emily said...

I am so impressed! I only lasted three weeks. That's usually how my new years resolutions go. Way to be dedicated!

natalie said...

Hello family-What happened to this competition??? I need you. I can't do this without my teammates and I am doing horrible right now. I am eating okay but the pop drinking is back to its old ways. All of the weight I lost, it's on it's way back. Yep-HELP!!!