Monday, March 17


Alright here is our first competition. We are going to see who can go the longest doing ALL the goals. It may take awhile to find a winner but that's okay. At the end of each week I'll have a post for everyone to write whether or not they accomplished the goals. The person who goes the longest doing all the goals wins. The winner will receive a prize from my dad. I don't know what it is but knowing my dad I am sure you won't be disappointed.


natalie said...

Ke;sey-does this mean all of the goals since we started in January or all of the goals starting this week and moving forward? This is exactly what I needed. I love competition and I would love for Matt and I to both go see Nicole and Dave or go to New York or D.C. I have been doing my water so far today and I forgot how good it was for me. I know I retain water with all of the soda I drink and so it's like my personal cleanse every time we have this challenge. Good Luck everyone, but know that I am taking home the prize!!! Shane what do yo get if you do all of the goals? Would you care for some free home decor items? That's pretty much all we have to offer besides home care and I think you are good to go there!

kelsey said...

Natalie and everyone else who has the same question-the competition starts now. So if you messed up now is your time to start fresh.