Thursday, January 24

Winner-receives a $25 Target gift certificate
Entries need to be posted by Feb. 1
Peck Loser contestants only
Pick the score of the Super Bowl game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Must pick winning team to win. Person with the closest score wins. Post score under this blog entry. GOOD LUCK!


Peck Biggest Loser said...

I am mad about last week because I wanted the Chargers and the Packers to win. I hate the Patriots and only like the Giants slightly better. I am going with the underdog not because I think this is what will happen but I can't cheer for the Patriots - like the Yankees - Shane

Patriots 21
Giants 24

The Palmer Fam said...

Well I'm all about the $25 Target Gift Card so I'll say the Patriots win 37 to 15. It's gonna be a slow, boring game too.

jimnjennie said...

No plans to even watch. I would have paid attention if Farve was playing, but who cares about New England or New York. -Jim

Giants 21
Patriots 24

kelsey said...

I guess I'll cheer for the Giants cause I lived in New York for awhile. Giants 21 Patriots 17

Alyson said...

Tanner says:
Patriots 28
Giants 17

jimnjennie said...

I don't know,or care to know, anything about football, but I do like Target, so...

Patriots 28
Giants 21


Emily said...

I barely even know how to score football and had no idea that the Super Bowl was even going to be on. Target, here we go!
Patriots 34
Giants 31

Lindsey said...

I've decided that the Patriots are going to win 24-20. I would like the Giants to win, but I just don't think they will.

Tom and Lindsey said...

So I will have to agree with Shane, I was going for a chargers v packers game. And agian to agree with Shane, I can't root for the pats. So here is my pick.

Pats 24
Giants 27


Alyson said...

LOL!!! I have no idea what I'm doing here but it's worth a shot, righ?

Patriots 32
Giants 18


natalie said...

Matt is with Shane on this one he says 27-24 Giants and I say okay if a touchdown is six points, and then the extra 1 point, then 28-21 Patriots. I know I probably won't win so here's to the 25$ I know I'll spend at Target regardless.

reiley said...

blow out 28-0 patriots

Grandma Shauna said...


Grandma Shauna said...

I had to do a little test as I couldn't get my comments to go through. Thus the above H. Okay, I know nothing about football and didn't know who was even playing until this blog - but it looks like the majority think the patriots will win so I better get on board with that idea. I say Patriots 34 ~ Giants 17

Ranae said...

Even though I don't think the Giants have a great chance, I'm going for them all the way because as a mother of 2 boys, I can't stand the thought of Peyton winning the big ring without Eli getting one of his own. It just sows too many seeds of family discontent! I'm pulling with my heartstrings for Eli purely as a mother, as I don't really like the Giants.

Giants 24
Patriots 21

Ranae said...

I just noticed I guessed the same score as Shane, so to ammend....

Giants 31
Patriots 28

BUT, if Shane happens to win with my original guess, I GET THE TARGET CARD!!

Jim & Tomi said...

Jim - No comments - my wife has only let me watch 1 game this year (whine, whine) so I am ill prepared to make a prediction. Nevertheless I predict the Patriots 38 - Giants 13.

Tomi - I have no clue - and just for the record, Jim can watch whatever he wants to, but I don't have to watch it with him. Patriots 28 Giants 14

Reeses Pieces said...

Dave is TOO COOL for this blogging thing :),so my guess (his opinion though) is-

31 Patriots
13 Giants

Go Patriots! I need a new purse and loved the new ones at Target.

Grandma Shauna said...

Dave just got home and he decided to throw his hat in the ring with the rest of us. HIs guess is:

Patriots 38
Giants 21

Grandma Shauna said...

I just noticed the date to have these in was Feb 1st. So, I don't know if Dave still has an in or not.