Saturday, January 12

I'm not one for Fiber. My intake is minimal and it's usually only if I have a banana in the house. I have heard good things about these bars so I decided to give them a try. Don't let the word Fiber scare you off, these are really good. Make sure you only have one a day though, even the box discourages against multiple intakes....."Gradually increase fiber over time to help minimize potential GI discomfort." Enough said! Give them a try-see what you think!


Peck Biggest Loser said...

Maybe that could be a goal in a few weeks 3 fiber bars a day. We could also have the water goal at the same time. Think of all the reading you could get in if you had the book in the bathroom.


Reeses Pieces said...

That comment is pretty funny. I was laughing out loud-Only because I did have more than one of these the first day I bought them, thinking it was no big deal, and not reading the side of the box. I just thought they tasted so good. So I actually did feel some pain. That's pretty funny though. Hey if your system can handle it, go right ahead but I know I would be in some serious discomfort. Okay I'll stop with the details now. Nicole

The Palmer Fam said...

That Fiber One cereal from Costco is pretty good too. If it's not sugar cereal I'm not a fan, but that ones not bad.
And by the way- I just made a blog, can I have it added so it can be put to shame by the fabulous ones already up? It's

Alyson said...

So I went out and bought a few boxes of Fiber One Bars...Tanner found them and ate them as if they were hourly snacks. Needless to say, the plumber was at my house today!!!! Take it from there folks! Thanks a lot Nicole!!!!!

Grandma Shauna said...

I am laughing so hard at Alyson's comment. I ( along with many othere Hoopers)was at Alyson's house that Sunday, after Tanner ate all of the bars and I am here to tell you -- I'm sure the plumber charged her double what he normally would have. It was a mess! "Mess" being the operative word.

I ate two of the bars one day and had the worst stomach pains. So heads up everyone -- if you buy them - only eat one! They aren't kidding when they say ALL of your daily fiber is in one bar.

I'm going to be laughing for a few hours over this.