Sunday, January 13

All right Family here it is- The Ixtapa, Mexico slide show. A big thanks to Ranae and Susan for helping me out with more pictures. I hope there aren't any duplicates, if there are just ignore them. After a while a few of these pictures started looking the same. If any of you have pictures you want to add, please send them my way and we'll get them posted. Ranae and I made sure we had one of each family member ( at least I hope I counted right). The slide show takes a little bit, so sit back, grab a water bottle of course, and enjoy!
Love, Nicole


Peck Biggest Loser said...

Great job on the slide show. hopefully I can us it as my "before" picture when I get down to me desired weight and show it with my "after" picture.
It also make me remember the good times that we had together in Mexico. Thanks again to Papa and Grandma Mar for giving us the opportunity.

Alyson said...

Nicole, Ranae & Susan-
Thanks for putting this together for us. I know these slide shows are time-consuming..Good times, good memories :)

Jim & Tomi said...

Nicole I love the slide show. I emailed Shane to say I have a lot of pictures, but don't know how to get them to you. Unfortunately, I didn't really do the email right either - this whole blog thing is challenging me technologically speaking. I'm still in the phone era. My comments are showing up though so I think I'm progressing. You bloggers are great. Thanks for doing all of this!