Wednesday, April 16

Jazz Playoff Tickets

If anyone is interested, we have 2 playoff tickets to each home game! They cost $25 each and will be somewhere in the upper bowl. But for those of you that have been to a playoff game, you know they are worth every penny! They are FUN! If you are interested, comment or contact any of the Shane Peck family members!!


natalie said...

I am interested! Oh wait I am in Montana. When are the playoffs? I would love to go to an event like that. We are going to the Bull riding championship this week and we have third row in the arena! Is anyone jealous besides maybe Randy? Speaking of him, hey southern Pecks are your fingers painted on? Why do we never hear from you? Get it together would you-LOL

Grandma Shauna said...


Remember if there is a Monday or even a Tuesday game - Dave will be home and I would love the tickets.
The Jazz did poopy last night so what does that mean for next week?

It was good seeing You& Kelsey yesterday!!

Love, Aunt Shauna

Matt & Mindy said...

When we get to Utah and the Jazz are still going strong, we'd love to go to a game!

Matt and Mindy

Ginger said...

I am definately interested! I'm waiting for the second round though so it's even more exciting. So whenever their first home game for the second round is, I would love tickets - if they are still available.

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