Wednesday, January 2


OK – So here is the skinny(pun intended) on the 2008 Healthy Living goals/contest. The intent is for each of us to try to make 2008 a year that we can look back on and say that we made an improvement with our general health. For some of us that means losing weight and improving our general health. For some it means improving health while for a few of you who do not need to lose weight, improve eating and exercising it means to be part of the contest so you can help those of us who are trying to make changes in our lives.
For those of you who want to lose weight, weigh in sometime in the next few days. On the 15th and the end of each month if you will e-mail me the amount of weight you have lost during the 15-16 day period and your accumulated weight loss. You do not need to disclose your weight only the weight loss. Those of you who are pregnant can weigh in a week after you have your baby and we can include the weight loss in our grand total. Remember, this is not a weight loss contest, however, hopefully, losing weight can be a by product.
The contest will begin on Monday Jan 7th. On the Saturday before each Monday I will send out the two goals for the week. Each person who achieves the goals for the week will receive two points for each goal. If a person is able to accomplish the same goal for a second week they will receive 1 point for each goal for the second week. Beginning the second week each person can receive 6 points for reaching the goals(4 for the current week and 2 for the previous week). Some of the goals may be hard for nursing mothers or those of you who are pregnant. If you do not think you can do the goals, send me an e-mail with some substitute goals and we will use your goals instead.
If any of you have ideas of some goals, please send me your ideas. We want this to last for the entire year, so we need some ideas from each of you. Some of the goals may be the same as previous weeks.
Nicole and Kelsey have set up a blog. The address is ( In the future we will have the goals and results on the blog. I may need to Have Nicole help me with this because this blog stuff is new to me. I have gone to the blog and it will be fun for us to post our comments and post other interesting bits of information.
Mike, Ginger and Andy may be confused as to what we are trying to do. You can call me or talk to someone else about our contest.(801-870-7330). If any of the older kids want to get involved they are welcome. I think everyone over 18 wants to "DO IT"
This contest is not a requirement to be accepted into full fellowship into the Peck family, so if you think this is stupid or if your current habits do not need to be changed then you can watch by the sidelines as the rest of us get buns of steel, 8 packs, calf muscles, lose our thunder thighs, and for some of us walk up the stairs without getting winded, and more importantly have our lives extended to enjoy more trips to Mexico. Too bad we are not going to Mexico next year so we could show off our new bodies.
Will each of you send me an e-mail in response to the instructions so I can make sure that I got the right e-mail address for each of you.

The 2 goals for Jan 7 – Jan 13 are (1) exercise 5 hours during the week(walking is considered exercise. You can begin today and count toward the 5 hours. (2) – drink ½ of body weight in ounces in water a day - 5 out of 7 days. Maximum amount is 120 ounces. (anything can be added to the water as long as it does not add calories, lemons, crystal light etc.) You can start today and have 5 out of 10 days if you would like. This is the honor system, however, if we catch anyone cheating you may be flogged(sounds like blog) or worse, you will not be given bells next Christmas Eve during the party or the bell that I get that only is played once during the 5 songs. Good luck


kelsey said...

I think the water will be easy. However, working out for 5 hours a week is quite a challenge for me.

Peck Biggest Loser said...

5 hours could be easy, 1 1/2 hours this saturday and 1 1/2 next and then all you have to do is find tow other hour times

Alyson said...

Let the games begin!!!! I'm excited to do this!!! Thanks Shane, Nicole & Kelsey!