Monday, January 7

Fit Day

Hey everyone just thought i'd tell you about this website I found. It's called Its free to join and what it does is great!! You are able to enter in what you ate for the day along with the amount of exercise you are doing and it will calculate your calorie intake and output. You can look up the nutritional facts on almost any food you want. If you enter in what you ate for the day it will also tell you where most of your calories are coming from, fats, protiens, or carbs. It does a lot of other fun stuff to help you loose weight or to just eat healthier.


Alyson said...

Good info Kels-

Reeses Pieces said...

Thanks for the info. Dave and I both got on today and realized even when we think we're eating good it's still worse than we thought. We'll definitely have to use this program a little more often. Nicole

Mindy said...

I've used this site off and on for years. One nice thing about it is you can enter the information off the packaging for things you eat a lot or that aren't in their database and save the info to your custom food list. (Also for recipes you only have to figure out the nutritional info once)Makes it fast.