Wednesday, January 2


Grandma and Papa, Thank you so much for a wonderful time and great memories!


Grandma Shauna said...

Dad & Marilyn,

Had a great time in Mexico! The only problem with the trip is that it has put me even more in the "red" with this Biggest Loser competition. Oh well -- those are the easy pounds to get off and I had so much fun putting them on while sitting by the pool and chatting with family. Love, Shauna

Peck Biggest Loser said...

Dad & Marilyn

Thanks for the time in Mexico. Myself and my family had a great time. It is going to be a new year that we will remember for a long time

Tracy said...

I hope you felt our trip to Mexico was worth the hours, weeks and months you spent putting it together. For me and mine, we thought it was incredible. When we went to Cody and they called it a family reunion, I thought that wasn't acurate. It was a big family trip, we mostly all saw each other. This year truly did seem more like a family reunion. With so many families away and when they come to town we don't always see them or spend the time we'd like with them. It was fun to get reaquainted, to see the little ones and let the next generation know each other and the original siblings. Mom and Jesse it was a great trip and wonderful memories. Thank you so much.